Retirement Videos

Retirement means to have the ability to stop working and have the money you have invested during your lifetime; provide an income that you can live on. As someone who is self-employed it becomes your responsibility to prepare and plan for that day when you want to slow down of maybe step away completely. The key to a successful retirement depends largely on a few factors:

1. How long and much money did I save or invest
2. What was the vehicle I used to accumulate those funds
3. Did I maximize the growth of my money by tax free accumulation
4. Can I maximize my income by tax free distribution to me

The videos here give some great insight into the investment vehicles that are most popular like the 401k. But we also present options that aren’t as popular but may present a better option to maximize your retirement goals.

Your needs are based on your personal goals and situation. If you would like a personal no cost consultation please email with request.

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