Cosmetology Study Guides

Chapter 1—History & Career Opportunities

Chapter 2—Life Skills

Chapter 3—Your Professional Image

Chapter 4—Communicating for Success

Chapter 5—Infection Control: Principles & Practices

Chapter 6—General Anatomy & Physiology

Chapter 7—Skin Structure, Growth, & Nutrition

Chapter 8—Skin Disorders & Diseases

Chapter 9—Nail Structure & Growth

Chapter 10—Nail Disorders & Diseases

Chapter 11—Properties of the Hair and Scalp

Chapter 12—Basics of Chemistry

Chapter 13—Basics of Electricity

Chapter 14—Principles of Hair Design

Chapter 15—Scalp Care, Shampooing, & Conditioning

Chapter 16—Haircutting

Chapter 17—Hairstyling

Chapter 18—Braiding & Braid Extensions

Chapter 19—Wigs & Hair Additions

Chapter 20—Chemical Texture Services

Chapter 21—Haircoloring

Chapter 22—Hair Removal

Chapter 23—Facials

Chapter 24—Facial Makeup

Chapter 25—Manicuring

Chapter 26—Pedicuring

Chapter 27—Nail Tips & Wraps

Chapter 28—Monomer Liquid & Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements

Chapter 29—Light Cured Gels

Chapter 30—Preparing for Licensure & Employment

Chapter 31—On the Job

Chapter 32—The Salon Business

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